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Dr Kumuda Reddy

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The ALLHealthyFamily web site is dedicated to bringing knowledge of the unlimited scope of Maharishi Vedic Medicine, a revival of the most ancient Vedic wisdom of natural health care from India, the "Land of the Veda". The 40 different treatment modalities of Maharishi Vedic Medicine are a comprehensive and holistic alternative medicinal approach to the prevention and treatment of all diseases. It enlivens and enhances all aspects of life.

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The site is hosted by Dr. Kumuda Reddy, a former faculty member of Albany Medical College and was Medical Director of the Maharishi Vedic Center in Bethesda, Maryland. She is presently in private practice in Bethesda Maryland. Dr. Reddy is an experienced practitioner of Maharishi Vedic Medicine and an expert in family health care. She is also the author of a number of Ayurvedic remedy books including:

She writes a monthly e-newsletter, All Healthy Family News, and has authored a number of stories for children.

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