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Listed below are common imbalances associated with Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Fill out all three sections, checking the ones that describe your recent experience. Then click on the "Calculate" button to find out more about how to balance your mind and body.

I often feel restless or unsettled. My sleep is light, and I often have insomnia.
I tend to have dry, chapped skin. I'm easily fatigued.
I feel anxious, and worry too much. I tend to be constipated or have intestinal gas.
I'm underweight. I usually have cold hands and feet, and poor circulation.
I am fast-moving, fast-talking and impulsive in my actions. I am indecisive and often change my mind..
I am nervous and high-strung. I don't like cold weather.
I have lower back pain or menstrual cramps. I have an overactive mind.
I often feel scattered or "spacy."    
I'm a perfectionist. I tend to be demanding and critical.
I have sensitive skin, skin rashes or other skin problems. My hair is prematurely gray or thinning.
I don't tolerate hot weather very well. I am often frustrated, angry, irritable or impatient.
I can be intense and overbearing. I can't stand delays.
I have an acid stomach, heartburn or other digestive problems. I have bad breath or body odor.
I sweat a lot or feel excessive body heat. I have sensitive eyes or other visual problems.
I experience excessive hunger or thirst. I am intensely competitive and ambitious.
I tend to be a workaholic.    
I often feel dull, lethargic or lazy. I tend to have slow digestion.
I'm overweight. Sleep is heavy, and I can easily oversleep.
My skin is oily. I am slow-moving, slow-talking and slow to take action.
I can be possessive or emotionally over-attached. I am unable to accept change, or I resist change.
I'm a procrastinator. I have sinus congestion and excess mucous.
I have nasal allergies. I hate cold, damp weather.
I am overly methodical, tied to routines, and rigid at times. I can be quite miserly. I like to save money, not spend it.
I have bouts of depression.    


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