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Inspirational Titles for the whole Family
All Love

All Love
by Kumuda Reddy
Thomas Egenes
Linda Egenes

The Upanishads include some of the most beloved and illuminating stories from the vast literature of India’s Vedic tradition. They describe the full glory of realizing the inner Self. When one has realized the Self everything and everyone in the entire universe becomes connected in universal love and “all love” literally “flows to the Self”.

In simple and poetic language the twelve tales selected tell the story of Self-realization using a series of settings: a teacher and his student in a secluded forest ashram, a great seer meditating in a Himalayan retreat, and a proud king bowing to the simple wisdom of a humble cart-driver.

Translated by the authors from the original Sanskrit, beautifully retold and accompanied with original color photographs from India, these stories remind us of the natural and eternal flow of life to its supreme goal of enlightenment.

172 pages • color illustrations
size 9 x 9 • hardcover
ISBN 1-929297-05-X

A Living Saint

A Living Saint
As told by Helena Olson

In the summer of 1959 a remarkable guest came to stay at 433 Harvard Boulevard, the Los Angeles home of Helena and Roland Olson and their four daughters. His name was Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. He brought with him a simple message, that “Life is Bliss” and that living the full potential of life (both inner and outer) is the natural birthright of every human being.

Helena Olsen describes, in charming and intimate detail, those early days as this holy man from India became a part of the daily life of a typical American family and how he began to teach his simple technique of Transcendental Meditation (TM) to friends and family in their own living room. 40 years later, TM is a household name throughout the world, universally recognized as an effective means to remove stress and develop human potential. Maharishi’s educational programs are taught via satellite TV to people in every country and TM is practiced by millions of people from all walks of life.

This special 40th anniversary edition has been updated by the author’s daughter, Theresa, with footnotes and the latest scientific research demonstrating how Maharishi’s original vision of creating “Heaven on Earth” for all mankind is becoming a practical reality as we reach the end of the 20th century and how Maharishi really is “a living saint for the new millennium”.

250 pages • black-and-white illustrations
size 6 x 9 • ISBN 1-929297-02-5

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