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The Timeless Wisdom Series
Just like Aesop’s fables, these ancient tales of wisdom delight and inspire both young and old alike. Dr. Kumuda Reddy, India’s own “Dr. Seuss”, has retold in modern language these colorful teaching stories from India that she learned as a child on her grandmothers knee. Each story contains “pearls of wisdom” designed to entertain and enlighten both children and adults with the simple truths of life. For children of all ages.
Indigo Jackal
Meet Shifty, the jackal who can’t seem to keep out of trouble. An unfortunate mishap with a vat of dye gives Shifty a chance to lord it over his friends. But he soon learns the lesson to “never pretend you’re something that you’re not”.
ISBN 1-929297-06-8

The Lion and the Hare
King Red Rash is the grouchiest old lion in the jungle and a royal pain for his subjects. Little Hop-and-a-Half the hare finally brings peace to the jungle by teaching the king “the importance of ruling with compassion”.
ISBN 1-929297-09-2
The Female Mouse
Meet the tiny mouse who is transformed into the daughter of a holy man. After being courted by the Sun God, the Cloud God, the God of the Wind, and the God of the Mountain, she finds her ideal partner and learns the importance of being “true to your own nature”.
ISBN 1-929297-07-6
Monkey and Crocodile
Meet Witty, the monkey who talks in rhymes, and his best friend Walter the crocodile. Walter gets into big trouble when his wife finds out how much time he spends with his friend. And Witty must use his wits as never before as everyone learns the wisdom that “trust is the basis of true friendship”.
ISBN 1-929297-08-4
Hare and Elephants
In their search for a new water hole, a herd of elephants accidentally trample the underground home of a clan of hares. Two very wise hares, Able and Long Ears, save the day and show how “even big problems can be solved with a little wisdom”.
ISBN 1-929297-10-6
The Wish that Came True
If you were granted one wish that could come true, what would that wish be? This is the dilemma facing Bubhu, a simple village weaver. Follow the adventures of Bubhu as he learns to “be careful what you wish for” and “when in doubt always get sound advice”.
ISBN 1-929297-11-4
Timeless Wisdom Stories on Tape
Indigo Jackal
Featuring the “Queen of American Storytelling”, Laura Simms and the fascinating world music rhythms of the Real Myth Ensemble
Side 1: The Small Birds & the Great Ocean
Side 2: The Female Mouse
Side 3: Prince Fearless • Madhu the Antelope
Side 4: The Miser’s Reform

2 hours 2 cassettes
ISBN 1-929297-12-2
Indigo Jackal
Featuring the upbeat humor and zaniness of storytellers Diane Ferlatte and Jeffrey Hedquist and the fascinating world music rhythms of the Real Myth Ensemble
Side 1: The Monkey & the Crocodile
Side 2: The Hares & the Elephant • The Priceless Bird
Side 3: The Indigo Jackal
Side 4: The Three Fishes • The Hawks & their Friends

2 hours 2 cassettes
ISBN 1-929297-13-0
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