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The Timeless Wisdom Series
Traditional, fun-filled stories for children, with a positive message.

From the beginning of recorded history, societies have transferred their collected knowledge and wisdom from one generation to the next in the form of stories—stories that touch the heart and enlighten the intellect. Every culture has traditional tales that were prized for their ability to bestow wisdom while at the same time entertaining. Often these stories were reserved exclusively for the children of royalty.

In recent times, the fast pace of life has virtually eliminated storytelling as a means of teaching wisdom. Our modern ways of education do not seem as capable of conveying real values in the same way as these ancient stories. As each new generation emerges, it appears less prepared to handle the challenges and stresses of everyday life than the generations that went before. We are witnessing a collective breakdown in the guiding wisdom of life and other social values.

It is essential that our children grow in health and happiness in order to avert the rising crime and violence which plague our society. This collection of timeless stories aims to do just that. The stories are fun, yet full of practical wisdom for everyday life. Dr. Reddy and her co-authors intend that the beauty and knowledge in these books will help readers lead wise and happy lives.

Each story contains an essential “pearl of wisdom” that has been distilled from the text and printed on the rear cover of each book for easy review. These same pearls of wisdom were once used to prepare great leaders to successfully rule their kingdoms.

The stories are available in 6 books and 2 audio-tapes. The books are 32-page full-color picture format and published using the highest quality materials. Each provides an outstanding value of craftsmanship and wisdom that will be treasured forever. The stories on audio-tape are read by some of the country’s best children’s storytellers and are told in lively fashion with fun musical interludes.

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