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Improved Health
Through the Maharishi Rejuvenation Program


This study compared 142 subjects who participated in a Maharishi Rejuvenation program for one week with 25 control subjects who received only intellectual knowledge of the program and its principles for the same amount of time. Changes in health symptoms were assessed with a health survey questionnaire. Those who received active treatment improved significantly in general well-being, energy and vitality, strength and stamina, appetite and digestive patterns, state of mind and emotions, and youthfulness and rejuvenation. They also reported improvement in previous health conditions. Control subjects did not show the same amount of improvement.

This research indicates that, even after a short period of time, the Maharishi Rejuvenation program simultaneously improves many different areas of health. Other studies have found that this program also improves many aspects of mental health and cognitive performance (see the following charts). These findings support the hypothesis that the Maharishi Rejuvenation program promotes balance in both mind and body on a very fundamental level.

The Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 5 (1990): 1-27.
Dr. Reddy's Comments:
More and more doctors are recommending the Maharishi Rejuvenation program on a seasonal basis. According to the tradition of Maharishi Ayur-Veda health care, this seasonal rejuvenation removes accumulated impurities and helps correct imbalances that have built up in the body over time. The treatment is both preventive and therapeutic -- it strengthens the body to prevent future disorders as it addresses existing imbalances. This may explain the wide range of benefits that is demonstrated in this and other studies on seasonal rejuvenation.
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